One-sentence previews: WIP

I’m nearly done drafting the current WIP, whose working title I may reveal at some point, but not today. I have about ten scenes left to write before I go back and do the big edit pass. Right now, as I’ve just about wrapped up the beginning sequence, I thought it would be fun to pull one sentence out of each chapter/scene and put them up here as teasers.


She took over all conversations with her father’s creditors, gaining them time by the delicate combination of bullying and charm that she had mastered long ago.


They told of men entering and never emerging, or coming out but losing all reason, or coming out changed.


Her father’s fingers pressed her arm briefly, so she said only, “When I am in want of your matrimonial advice, Aunt Brooke, you may be sure I will ask you.”


She had never dreamed of this; she had imagined herself coming to them as a peacock among pigeons, and all her dread had been of the dullness she would encounter.


The barmaid looked around and lowered her voice. “I have seen a woman, young and fair as yourself, miss, fleeing those very woods.”


With deep trepidation, Fairing followed his daughter across the threshhold.